Wow! This continues to be the reaction to the James Schot Gallery. The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting Fine Art Photography and photo based Digital Art from around the world.

James Schot
Often the works of artists are termed "unique". It is fitting, this use of the word when viewing the fine art photography by James Schot. It is not that his images are otherworldly or exceedingly clever, but when you unveil their construction they have you saying "gee whiz". more about James Schot

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The Studio is a state-of-the-art “dream studio” that was specially designed by James to achieve the most impressive photographic results possible. The surroundings are AC cool, comfortable, professional, and the studio set up is versatile and constructed for maximum efficiency.

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The advent of the new digital age has sparked an explosive popular interest in photography, and the Bestschot Photographer’s Club is there to fulfill all the interests of aspiring photographers.

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James welcomes anyone interested in photography to mingle, share ideas, think through processes, to be inspired and build camaraderie, while at the same time he lends his over 35 years of extensive experience as a professional photographer to structure workshops to improve your skills and keep the spirit of photography alive.


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