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Couture Portrait Services

March 22 2011 - Blog

Great portrait photography is a fine art. Fine Art Portraits become family heirlooms; they represent a likeness of the life, essence, and character, or reveal a story of the individual(s) being photographed. Most assuredly the final portrait will have a special and honored place designated for it to be displayed.

Exceptional, timeless results are not measured by the time of a photography sitting. An ideal fine art portrait would include pre-planning to discuss the desired outcome, and the styling and setting of the photograph that we will create, as well as the setting of where the final portrait will be displayed.

Couture Portraits are a special fine art portrait presented to you through the collaborative artistic talent of James Schot and Madalina Iordache-Levay.

Couture Description

This portrait will represent you, the subject as a character in a setting conceived as a story around your personality and fantasies. It’s a creative conceptual portrait of great thoughtfulness as well as artistic beauty. Because it is created specifically just for you – no one else will have it. We create a world around you, all meant to enhance your beauty, your emotions, your personality.

The retouching and enhancements applied would be set to the best optimized outcome – subtle yet significant, while keeping the essence of the subject(s), and in this way remarkable.

The final printed portrait could be significantly enlarged and printed using the finest archival inks and papers, and proudly and prominently displayed. Such results are not only timeless; they are priceless, and uniquely exclusive and personal.