Photo Technical

A Matter of Style – table of contents

Rough Draft! That’s what this is to deliver a visual awakening with tips and suggestions for a truly picture perfect day!  Let me know if you found this helpful…

It’s your party; it’s Your Wedding!
You can cry if you want to.

Or make sure your wedding/event is visually beautiful.

C1 – A Matter of Style: Traditional, Journalistic, or cinematic? Cinematic!

Then try a journalistic approach.

Third option, the cinematic approach, is the charm.

C2 – Making the right choices
C3 – Beyond Previews – Personality and other Considerations

C4 – A local vs. an outsider?
C5 – Is it medium-format or 35mm, digital cards or film?
C6 – To flash or not to flash
C7 – Soft, blurred, or sharp
C8 – Have Broom and will Travel Up The Ladder
C9 – Come rain or shine
C10 – Own a camera?  Now you’re a photographer.
C11 – Attitude, a most important ingredient.
C12 – Personal grooming for the big day.
C13 – What to wear?
C14 – Take A Stand
C15 – By the way, how should my photographer look?
C16 – Caution entering the studio system
C17 – Expectations
C18 – Having a photography or visual consultant
C19 – Too many photographers trample the flowers.
C20 – Wedding Consultants/coordinators:  How they help or can hinder
C21 – Vendor eye sores
C22 – Caution entering the studio system