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Come in! There are a few adventures I’ve written about, but most of the content offers classes in photography and mentoring for photographers, including photo theory, which, although a vital part in our profession, is largely an overlooked subject in all published media that profits from and feeds our gadget minded mindset today.

Photography As ART – INTERVAL 1999-2008 – Scene 11

April 20 2017 - Photography As ART

Image 73 shows a rare archaeological find, a sculpture, WILLENDORF, of a female dating back 26,000 years. Image 74 shows the famous sculpture DAVID, by Michelangelo. Image 75 shows Francisco de Goya’s painting LA MUJA DESNUDA.



Taking pause during this interval let me read a statement by James on his use of the nude: “My artwork always includes a female muse, always in the nude, as only humans can be. The human form is the ultimate perfection of creation. From the outset, I’m not photographing fashion statements or period pieces. My artwork can’t be obstructed or dated through garments, or even by tattoos.

The oldest archeological art find, dated to having been carved 26,000 years ago, is a nude figure. The depiction of the nude taps the veins of sin and sexuality, cultural identity, aesthetic pleasure, and the tenet of beauty.



The obstacle for acceptance of the nude as photographic art is due to the accuracy and specificity of this medium. In other words, the camera is often branded as lacking arts most essential device, the ability to idealize, when in reality it can only be the users behind the camera, or the medium’s critics who are lacking that ability.





My artwork does idealize the human form, remaining honest to the subject, our motives and desires. My nudes are not obscured from the camera’s realistic depiction, unless so viewed by having them as part of a larger narrative, a myth, a play on history, or form of expression. In addition, an important aspect of my artwork is the artistic endeavor in exploring the possibilities of this medium, photography; it is about making photographic art creatively.”

THE END of Scene Eleven