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Articles exploring theoretical insights of photography and telling stories of photo safari adventures and related experiences written by James Schot and other contributors can be found on the Blog. Those articles written by James Schot and contributors, detailing photographic techniques and instruction in event photography to improve your knowledge and skills can be accessed in the Club's Library Section with your membership user name and password.

Anything for the delight and love of photography is there for you to enjoy and expose you to brighter visual horizons.

Stock Art

A stock photography section has been added to our new website, which will be populated under a variety of categories (see Stock Categories) with photographs by James Schot presently dominating the field.  We are interested in adding selection from other photographers.

If you are interested in displaying your certified and copyrighted stock images for commercial use or photography for decorative art this gallery-studio welcomes your interest and will review your submitted selections.  Please begin by contacting us via the contact page to make the arrangements.

Purchasing stock:

We are an alternative source for stock images and our approach to usage rights for commercial or stock art photography is straightforward.  Our pricing is competitive.

  • Select the photo(s) of interest.
  • Contact us by e-mail describing your intended usage – Will it be commercial web, print, merchandising, all the above/comprehensive, or exclusively decorative art.

We will reply to your requirement(s) and send you a paypal request to provide you the stock you need.

Phone: 954-564-1112

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Stock Categories