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Anything for the delight and love of photography is there for you to enjoy and expose you to brighter visual horizons.

The one thing you might be looking for that you would really would like to see – a beautiful finished photograph of you, your family, your product, your event is not there (yet). The photographs presented under the different headings below can only serve to demonstrate  that when you are photographed in or out of this Studio, you will be hands of a dedicated, talented and skilled visual professional who loves his craft and delivers optimum results.

Studio Services

  • Artist Art Photography

    For two dimensional art:
    1st piece $40.00/50.00 (if e-mailed or burned to CD)
    each additional piece $25.00/27.50 (bumped up–see below)


  • Boudoir, 1House of

    “I have to say it was such an empowering experience, especially after seeing the final photos! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I truly felt like a pinup beauty!         Nicole Waskom

  • Commercial Services – Studio & Lab

    James has devoted his life’s work exclusively to photography, but within this medium he has enjoyed a varied career, which has included many commercial assignments, photographing cosmetics, jewelry, food, furnishings, electronic equipment and art objects for large and small companies, and individuals entrepreneurs and artists. With this in mind he can creatively, quickly, effectively handle your photographic needs.

  • Couture Portraits

    Great portrait photography is a fine art. Fine Art Portraits become family heirlooms; they represent a likeness of the life, essence, and character, or reveal a story of the individual(s) being photographed. Most assuredly the final portrait will have a special and honored place designated for it to be displayed.

  • Portrait / Model + Prints

    I invite you to enjoy a beautiful portrait of yourself, your family and pet(s), taken in a comfortable state of the art studio that is completely dedicated to showing the subject in the best light. Getting the best results is a creative process and a fun experience for you and your family.

  • Wedding & Event Photography

    Whatever the event, photography for a wedding, corporate party, quince or other gathering requires a sixth sense of anticipation, knowing what to expect in advance, quick attention to details. These are skills built on talent and honed with experience. These events can also be frenetic, and a photographer with a confident yet calm demeanor is the one you will be most comfortable with.

  • Studio Rental

    The STUDIO w/lighting related equipment is available for rent.

    “Enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of our Studio, nicely located on the east side of Federal Highway just south of Oakland Park Boulevard. The size of shooting space is a 24’WX12’H and you can go back 30’ deep. There is a make-up area and a separate changing area for models. If you are familiar with photographic equipment in general, a full array is available (with damage security deposit), including beauty dish, ring flash and other accessories. It is always best to have a look to see if it may fit your needs. [I’ve made a point on my website in the Studio Gallery only to show shoots taken in this studio.]Please contact Margarethe Elisabeth, Director/coordinator, by calling 954-815-9432 for availability and to make the necessary arrangements.”

    Visually yours,


    Photos of our Gallery Studio (click to view full size)

    James Schot Gallery & Photo Studio
    2800 North Federal Highway
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306
    954-564-1112 for hours and appointments

    Minimum rental time 2 hours: $150 – 4 hours: $275 – 8 hours: $500