Articles exploring theoretical insights of photography and telling stories of photo safari adventures and related experiences written by James Schot and other contributors can be found on the Blog. Those articles written by James Schot and contributors, detailing photographic techniques and instruction in event photography to improve your knowledge and skills can be accessed in the Club's Library Section with your membership user name and password.

Anything for the delight and love of photography is there for you to enjoy and expose you to brighter visual horizons.
For two dimensional art:
1st piece $40.00/50.00 (if e-mailed or burned to CD)
each additional piece $25.00/27.50 (bumped up–see below)

Ask for a quote on three dimensional art, which can vary in how it is set up to be photographed.

Processing is included. Minor adjustments such a sharpening, as needed, will be included.

Art is digitally photographed yielding approximately 72 Mbyte files.

Prices apply to most art, flat art, etc. Art requiring special handling will be quoted to reflect special attention.

Enlargement, Enhancement, Photoshop work:
Charged (currently) at $80 per hour – less 25% artist discount, and charged at 15 minute increments.

Often artists would like to print up to larger sizes what (we) call a bump up, which is charged at $10. Other enhancements in Photoshop, as an example a signature removal, are charged at 15 minute increments.

See ‘Printing Services’ for information on Giclee print pricing and services. Please contact the Studio if you have any other questions. Prices are subject to change.

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