Photo Art

Discover "photography as art." It begins with a blank canvas of film/file on which, with detailed planning and logistical considerations that is meticulous and at times painstaking, the complete essence of a pre-visualized imagined concept is creatively constructed and staged, using only a camera, optics, and light to make a photograph. Like a sculptor with chisel and stone, only in this case the process ends when pressing the shutter button.

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Discover "artistic photography." These are photographs of people, places and things from around the world. When skillfully taken and creatively captured, using the applicable details of visual literacy (composition of line, curve, shape, depth, movement, etc.), they invigorate our senses or tell us delightful stories of moments in time, as they are windows to timeless moments.

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The Studio

This state-of-the-art “dream studio” was specially designed by James to achieve the most impressive photographic results possible. The surroundings are comfortable, professional, and the studio set up is versatile and constructed for maximum efficiency.

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James is making a documentary

“Photography As ART” script shows how James creates his art using only light, camera, and optics, in addition to considerable logistical planning, technical experimentation, patience and dedication.

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