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Come in! There are a few adventures I’ve written about, but most of the content offers classes in photography and mentoring for photographers, including photo theory, which, although a vital part in our profession, is largely an overlooked subject in all published media that profits from and feeds our gadget minded mindset today.

Remote control and self-timer important for onboard yacht – A50

February 27 2010 - Photo Technical

Welcome aboard photo enthusiasts… This is the twelfth edition clarifying the list of camera specifications, using the randomly chosen Lumix DMC-FX150 camera, manufactured by Panasonic, as an example.  Believe me, I had planned on this topic of going through and discussing the specifications to cover two, possibly three articles, not 12 plus.  Nevertheless the duration and space has not been wasted, and a lot of current, useful information has been passed on to you.  Do note, this example Panasonic camera is out of date. If you are in the market for a new camera there are many great cameras to choose from. read more