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Helping all those affected by the Gulf Oil Spill-2010

July 04 2010 - Gallery News

If you enjoy the fine art and decorative qualities of photography, I have selected this image for you to help all those afflicted by the oil spill in the Gulf. Below you will find detailed information about owning this photograph. Two charities have been selected:

To help people living by the Gulf:

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans
1000 Howard Avenue
Suite 1000
New Orleans, LA 70113

To help nature and its creatures:

Center for Biological Diversity
P.O. Box 710
Tucson, AZ 85702

“Easy Corner by St. Ann” is an entertaining photograph of people and their pets gathering around a street band playing in the square by St. Ann street in the French Quarter.  This scene reflects the easy community atmosphere of New Orleans, and for that matter the entire Gulf coast region.

All print sizes will be signed and are limited to editions of 13.  From this total, 10 editions of each size are and will remain available, until sold to support the relief effort in the Gulf to the charities shown above.  Note – twenty five percent of the total sales price will be allocated to the material cost of printing and (flat or tube) shipping the photograph to you.  With each purchase two checks with be issued in equal amounts, one to each charity.

Size/price: byx10″-$99, byx14″-$159, byx20″-$229, byx24″-$299, byx30″-$399, byx40″-$499 with “by” equal to the short side.
All prints on your choice of textured (similar to watercolor) or satin paper (semi gloss pearl finish). 

If you have any questions  please call 954-564-1112 or e-mail james@jamesschotgallerystudio.com.
To make a purchase we ask you provide your address by e-mail.
Your e-mail can also be used to make a PayPal request for the amount of purchase.  Otherwise, please send a money order or check (to be cleared) to the James Schot Gallery and Photo Studio, 2800 N. Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306.

It is a lovely image, so enjoy it…

Visually yours, James