The gallery has opened its door to display the visual art of photography exclusively, with the possible compliment of three dimensional sculptures.

Artists exhibited and represented are selected from around the world strictly on their merit as exceptional photographers and mixed media artists whose creativity is based on a foundation of photographic images.

The ultimate objective is displaying the finest abstract, surreal, nudes, editorial, landscape and wildlife images to present to designers, collectors, and lovers of photography.

The Work

Often the works of artists are termed “unique”. It is fitting, this use of the word when viewing the fine art photography by James Schot. It is not that his images are otherworldly or exceedingly clever, but when you unveil their construction they have you saying “gee whiz”. His work exemplifies the foundations of photo making processes of the capturing instruments, meaning the camera, optics, and lights up through the time of exposure.This is opposed to the post processes after exposure that were formerly, traditionally darkroom processes, but today are most often accomplished by digital means such as PhotoShop after the image taking.James has taken many striking photographs. These images have included nature, landscapes, cityscapes, and industrial and event images. This type of photography without question does become masterful and exquisitely beautiful with skill, experience, an understanding of the subject and patience. Nevertheless, he feels a large part of the final image with this type of photography always reflects what was made by life forces or heavenly creator.

With respect to his Fine Art Photography, including Fossils and Alien photographs, the Illusions and Double Vision series James likes to note that he is making photographs (before taking them).

Noting the difference helps to better understand, connect with and appreciate his work. All the photographs are pre-visualized. Then the process is planned, coordinated, constructed and created with lighting, optical and camera techniques up through the exposure. Making his photographs this way leaves little to be done after the image after it his taken. He feels with his process, making through pre-visualization with the instrument and its accessories, he is more in harmony with the “art” of photography. All of the pieces included in Fossils, Aliens, and Double Vision are made on film using medium and large format equipment. Like those for the Illusions the canvas for each again was a single piece of film that included some 35mm format. The latest series Aurora w/Eos and Body parts were the first to use full sensor 35mm digital equipment with long exposure fiber optic lighting, but also made in-camera.  Bottom line this is photographic art, not to be confused with compagraphy.