Photography As ART

“Photography As ART” script shows how James creates his art using only light, camera, and optics, in addition to considerable logistical planning, technical experimentation, patience and dedication.

Photography As ART – The CABARET series – Scene 2

April 29 2017 - Photography As ART


Image 10 shows a LS photograph of a spot lighted muse, Ann, with top hat and tails, taken in an old theater.

taken in Vineyard Haven movie house

taken in Vineyard Haven movie house

NARRATOR (female):

It was after leaving Vivitar as in-house photographer, apprenticing with more seasoned photographers, and ten years of freelance commercial photography, when James (Schot) began, in 1987, illuminating for his photographic art. By then he had the itch and also enough photographic wherewithal to take that step.

In this overall stage shot, he did cut out cardboard people to fill out some of the seats, although there wasn’t sufficient ambient light to get the “audience” effect.

Image 11 shows MS shot of the muse in a MS rapped in a boa and in fishnet stockings.


This initial quick foray in photographic art is called the Cabaret Series. It is essentially a shadow play, keeping in mind how vital shadows are in creating depth, shape, dimensionality, and interest. The setting is the Capawock Theater on Martha’s Vineyard, the oldest in operation since opening in 1913. 

What followed was a far more challenging undertaking…

THE END of Scene Two