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Come in! There are a few adventures I’ve written about, but most of the content offers classes in photography and mentoring for photographers, including photo theory, which, although a vital part in our profession, is largely an overlooked subject in all published media that profits from and feeds our gadget minded mindset today.

About Keith Knight

July 23 2009 - Gallery News

Here and in future articles, we will explore how fine art photographers and new digital artist working with photographs (that have exhibited in the Gallery) create their masterpieces.

This wonderful one-of-a-kind photograph is called “Crush.” It’s part of a series by Keith Knight.

Photographic nude created by liquid emulsion
Photographic nude created by liquid emulsion

The process, as he ex-plained to me, includes the use of liquid emulsion, which he spreads onto a surface– in this case, watercolor paper. The image is then exposed with the use of an enlarger onto the photo-sensitized paper.

Because the emulsion is in liquid form and needs to dry, Keith is able to work it for a while. He rubs, smudges and scratches parts of the photograph with his fingers and fingernails until he achieves the desired effect.

I talk about how era of traditional photography is being overshadowed and replaced by the new digital era and Keith’s work is a splendid example of this. His creative work requires a darkroom, which he tells me he has been unable to find one for rent. If you like to own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by Keith Knight call 954-564-1112.