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Come in! There are a few adventures I’ve written about, but most of the content offers classes in photography and mentoring for photographers, including photo theory, which, although a vital part in our profession, is largely an overlooked subject in all published media that profits from and feeds our gadget minded mindset today.

“Color of Music” – the series by Marilyn Martin

October 19 2009 - Gallery News

Can I tell you Marilyn’s age? I have to, because she is more “with it” than most of my younger artists… Always involved, always asking questions, always producing her art. I love the color photo tapestries, soothing yet electric that she creates. She is a gem at 84 years, and proof that having an artist’s heart keeps you young. She writes:


“How My Images Inspire”

My original abstracts were initially accepted by James Schot to be in a show, Sublime Abstractions in April, 2008, much to my pleasant surprise!  This, because I had been trying to find some one who appreciated my abstracts enough to let me share them with others.  These abstracts were the result of experimenting with my new digital Nikon camera and discovering I was blessed with a talent to create colorful “designs in motion”!

Since I was 83 years old, at the time of that show I felt it an accomplished dream!  After that successful show, I was given the honor of exhibiting again in a 2nd show along with Madalina lordache-Levay.  A short time ago Madalina told me that, “every time I stepped into the Gallery, your delightful abstract photos made me smile and feel optimistic”!  Thanks, Madalina that made my efforts all worthwhile!

I have an urgency to create as many abstracts as I can because of my advanced years, but I realize I shouldn’t,  as I may be carrying the same genes as my 99 year old maternal aunt who recently passed away. She inspired me and gave joy to all who heard her beautiful coloratura soprano voice.

These latest, The “Color of Music” abstracts were a delight to create and I hope some of you can relate to my titles.  There may exist in your minds that there’s a “generation gap” … so true! I’m from the Big Band era!

This, then, is my message ……keep trying to inspire other artists and would-be artists!  I’m happy if I can inspire those who are attempting to create art works… don’t give up, even if you’re approaching later years!  I’m also proud to be an inspiration to my grandchildren who are showing promising accomplishments already, in their chosen fields.