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Introducing Brian Call

October 20 2009 - Gallery News

Beautiful, imaginative, creative nature photography still thrives when Brian puts his eye to the camera. I like it, and therefor giving it the attention it deserves, and hopefully one day soon it may be exhibited at the gallery.


My venture to see his work took me well south of Miami to the Palmetto Bay Club.  What a pleasant surprise. For starters this is a very nice faciltiy. Come to find out, his exhibit was part of a larger nature presentation by TV Channel 2 with a piece on Ken Burns and his National Park documentary, and a series of films they had made on Florida Parks.  Among the 150 people or so present were the  Directors.

Although Brian’s work and Channel 2’s film presentations were the highlights of the evening, I must add the wines and catering were simply marvelous… all eleven thousand people invited were silly to miss it, including my art loving friends from Broward.

Here’s an introduction to Brian Call:

Brian Call’s ultimate goal with photography is to encourage others to reconnect with our imperiled natural world. “We are losing wilderness areas at an alarming rate, and develop-| ing a greater sense of intimacy with the earth and its natural cycles is of critical importance. Hopefully my nature photography will contribute to inspiring this kind of emo­tional and spiritual connection that is so urgently needed.”

Brian discovered a passion for nature photography in the years following graduation from Montserrat College of Art, where he studied fine arts and graduated in 1985 with a major in Illustration and a minor in Graphic Design. Through the use of composition and light his images capture a sense of inti­macy and wonder, while reflecting his passion and devotion to protecting the natural environment. In recent years his photography has expanded to include documenting Florida’s historical places, such as Stiltsville in Biscayne Bay. His work is repeatedly described as having a unique vision in style and content as well as employing a masterful execution of his craft.

Brian has been exhibiting his work in both solo and group exhibitions in Flor­ida and Massachusetts for several years. His work is collected nationally and internationally. His photographs have been published in a variety of media including television, print, and the world wide web. Some of his credits include Nature’s Best Magazine, National Wildlife, PBS, Nature Photographer, Miami Monthly, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Everglades Na­tional Park, Biscayne National Park, and the Deering Estate at Cutler.

Brian has also been heavily involved with environmental issues for many years, particularly with protecting the Florida panther. He has been interviewed sev­eral times on camera for television with highlights of his photography, includ­ing a PBS documentary about the Florida panther. In January 2007, he and his photography was filmed for an episode of Waterways TV. The program fo­cuses on how South Florida artists inspire conservation through their artwork. Frequently requested to speak publicly about his photography and his conser­vation efforts, he has traveled throughout Florida to speak at schools, public libraries, environmental organizations, civic groups, and private parties. Through his nature photography, Brian’s goal has not only been for his images to inspire people to connect to the very special natural areas here in South Flor­ida, but also that they will be inspired to connect, help preserve, and protect natural areas wherever they are from.