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How to move photos from memory card into a folder – A22

September 19 2009 - Photo Technical

How to move photos from memory card into a folder

Welcome aboard photo enthusiasts.  In the last article I went through how to create folders on your computer hard drive, most commonly designated as Drive C.  The objective being, you have a memory card full of photographs from a particular event or trip and you want to transfer them to you computer.

Doing so will a] put your images in a safer location (although I recommend always 2 locations), b] put them in a place where you can use other software to work on them (that is, lighten, darken, crop and more), and c] free up your memory card to format and continue shooting.

Using the method described in the previous article, I had created a The Triton sub folder in a main folder called “photoproject.” Now I will show you how to drag and drop your photos from your memory card into a folder, which in my case will be the sub folder The Triton.

Before moving forward on the process, which is so simple even a chimp can do it (with humor), I did want to mention you can name folders as you please, so long as they make sense to you.  There are only a few symbols your computer will let you know are not acceptable, like “&” and “/”, the computer will let you know.   Anyway, photoproject is the name of an “umbrella” folder for me, where I make sub folders for different photo projects.

You can decide to rename a folder by right clicking on it and a drop down menu will appear with many options, among them rename.  Left click on ‘rename’ and the cursor will enter the appropriate box to change the name.

Now back to moving the photographs taken from your memory card.  Not to confuse you, but in this case added/made another sub folder for this Article 22.  To demonstrate I will use the very photo diagram printed with this article.  I am going to get the photo from the memory card (in the card reader attached to my computer via a USB cable) and drag and drop it into the sub folder Article 22, which is in The Triton sub folder, that is in the photoproject main folder.

Step 1] I click START at the lower left and a menu pops up.

Step 2] I click on MY COMPUTER, a selection on the right side.


Step 3] This opens a larger window showing “Folders Stored”, “Hard Disk Drives”, and “Devices with Removable Storage.”  YES, this last one shows the memory card in the form of another drive letter, such as CANON DC (D:) (see diagram).  Canon is the compact camera I used.

[The left side will show small windows with “System Tasks”, “Other Places”, and “Details”.]

Step 4] Clicking on this CANON DC (D:) will open folders on the memory card.  As we click once, twice we get to the jpg file that is published with this article (in this case IMG_9158.JPG).

This is the photo file we want to drag and drop into the appropriate folder named, in my case, Article 22 on the hard drive of my computer.  Now to display this folder to make the drag and drop……..

Step 5] Under the top bar with “File – Edit – View – Favorites – Tools – Help” we see the second bar with “Special Buttons.” The 2nd button from the right has a diagram of a fanned multiple folders icon with “Folders” written below.  Click on this and the left side changes to show a list including Desktop, Drives, Documents, Recycle bin, etc.

Step 6] On the left side click on the Hard Drive (C), it expands to show all the folders including “photoproject.” Click on this and it expands to show “The Triton.”  Click this and it will show a folder “Article 22” among others.

Looking at the diagram included with this article, it shows the results of actions Step 3 (and this Step 6).  The hand in the photo diagram is highlighting CANON DC (D:), but remember in Step 4] we clicked a few times to get to display IMG_9158.JPG, which is now displayed on the right side (but not shown in the diagram).

Step 7] Now using your pad, button, mouse, or track ball put your cursor over the file to drag and drop (in Step 4), which in my case (again) is IMG_9158.JPG.  Left click, hold (don’t release), and steer (drag) the jpg file to the left side, over the folder Article 22 (in Step 6), and it will highlight.  As soon as it does release the file, and it’s done.

You will likely have many jpg files on your card to move.  You can grab them all by clicking the bottom/lowest file and holding.  This will highlight the whole list.  Steer it again to the left over the correct folder, and when it highlights, release.  And you can pick selected files using your Control button.  With this lesson done I look for permission to come ashore.