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Portugal & Spain Forthcoming-Historic Concert Re-Visited

June 30 2018 - Blog, Studio Press


Just back from Portugal and Spain! Scenes from my photo tour are forthcoming. In the meantime, a blast from the past. AXSTV, a mostly music channel I enjoy watching, announced airing a documentary of the historic Rolling Stones concert I was able to

photograph in Havana, 2016. It will be shown the 1st time tomorrow at 10pm, Sunday, July 1, 2018. Re-sending a few of the photos. They may not be your favorite group, but they staged a terrific historic event.**********************************************************

Just returned from Cuba. While there I joined in to see the historic Rolling Stones concert….

Fidel Castro’s socialist government (that’s what they call it…”Scientific Socialism”), essentially it comes down that a few people own everything and tell everyone else how to live on small hand-outs) had “rock and roll” and a long list of things they suppressed from the people for decades, as it was the music of the devil and their enemies.

Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and the band put on a hell of a show playing a part in making history that will open up Cuba to the world (and help the millions of poor people there… if a Democracy can replace the current system).

Staged larger than life….. Below Keith being introduced.

It was a blast for the hundreds of thousands who attended. Most weren’t familiar with any of their songs. It was a great treat for me! People laughed when I told them the last concert I saw by the Stones was 1965/66 at Forest Lawn, Queens, New York (home of the U.S Open Tennis Tournament).

More concert photos are posted on https://jamesschotgallerystudio.com/stock-art/rolling-stones-historic-cuba-concert/

And if you haven’t seen more great Cuba photo scenes it’s worth a look…go to https://jamesschotgallerystudio.com/stock-art/stock-art-cuba


I visited many places on my trip through Portugal and Spain, including cathedrals and churches, but the photo below is from the only one with a sign letting me know that I will surely be joining someday. It was definitely peculiar religious place. It was in a historically interesting town. There will be more photographs from there and other places to show… more visually pleasant places to come.  

Regardless of your faith or conviction. may all gentle souls, throughout all time, be respected and blessed.


Visually yours, James

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