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Cuba – La Habana

May 14 2016 - Blog, Studio Press

CUBA: Areas visited in the latter part of March 2016, included La Habana, Pinar Del Rio, Varadero to Playa Giron, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Spiritus, Santa Clara, and Jaimanitas a western suburb of La Habana. Visit —- for a more complete selection covering the entire visit.

La Habana visual sampling:_DSC0121

Greetings on landing in at Cuba’s Jose Marti International Airport…_DSC0155

Taken first day while walking along the City beachfront called Tunel de La Habana…_DSC0169

The City Centre just west of the Old City was the direction of the city’s expansion in the early 19th Century…_DSC0214

Che is an icon and at the center of this and many stores in Cuba. Always disturbed by the poverty of the Latin people and a symbol of rebellion, makes me wonder how he might feel for the Cuban people still for the most part very poor and unable to rebel…_DSC0216

Street in the Old City. The weather was hot during my stay, but I enjoyed walking all over the city…_DSC0202

This is a photograph of a work of art. There are so many old cars, but most in rough shape. Nevertheless it’s taken a lot of ingenuity to keep them running on the road for extra income, for many as Taxi’s…_DSC0266

Showing ladies selling their wares in the Old City at Plaza de la Catedral…_DSC0278

Continuing my walk along the streets of the Old City…_DSC0294-2-2

The interest in the Arts flourishes most notably through music, dance, and the visual arts. The sculpture and paintings at National Museum of Fine Art is amazing, but the door handle to enter was nearly falling off…_DSC0424-2

La Habana is an architectural wonder with its variety, but unfortunately crumbling. Hopefully, as with the old city of Cartagena free enterprise entrepreneurship will be revived before it is too late. There has to be a balance between the heavy hand of an outside influence, such as the US in first half of the 20th Century, and Socialist Government suppression…_DSC0447

The National Hotel is noted as the best in La Habana, but not to be compared to The Breakers Palm Beach…_DSC0474-2

Dominoes is the national game requiring serious concentration and they paid no attention to me…_DSC0480

Next, we will leave La Habana and travel west towards Pinar Del Rio Province…