About the Classes

Bestschot Photography Classes – The center for photography

The advent of the new digital age has sparked an explosive popular interest in photography, and the Bestschot Photographer’s Classes are there to fulfill all the interests of aspiring photographers.

“Are you offering individual private classes” has been a recent popular question. Yes, we listened and offer those as well a group class sessions.

We welcome anyone interested in photography, which will include shooters, models, designers, graphic artists, photography collectors to our classes and advanced level seminars.  This is a great way for like-minded people to mingle, share ideas, think through processes, to be inspired and build camaraderie.

Customized summer classes for teenagers and parent-kid teams or parent-kid individual classes are given in a ‘free electronic device zone’ for the benefit of human interaction. If you have other ideas for a class please let us know.

About our Classes:

For details on our class sessions please go to our Class Curriculum, and for schedule see the Calendar. If it’s for passion or for money use our icons as a guide. For additional questions and scheduling call Margarethe at 954-815-9432.

Pricing Guidelines:

Individual private classes are $60 per hour at studio location. A 3 hour block is $150.

Group sessions with minimum of 4 in attendance for 4 hours are $79. Ask us for “referral bonuses.”

All other pricing on request.