Photography As ART

“Photography As ART” script shows how James creates his art using only light, camera, and optics, in addition to considerable logistical planning, technical experimentation, patience and dedication.

Photography As ART – The ILLUSION series/P3 – Scene 5

April 26 2017 - Photography As ART

Image 29 shows the OLD OAK TREE illusion in pans, tilts, overall, and Image 30, the GIANT OAK TREE by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Old Oak Tree













All the illusion photographs were taken on Martha’s Vineyard, and although not every Illusion photographs needed such detailed coordination and cooperation, all did involve logistics and staging to tell a story about the Island. alfred-eisenstaedt-giant-oak-tree-on-martha-s-vineyard

The OLD OAK TREE was first made famous in a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt called the GIANT OAK TREE. James took his photographed after it was split in half in a lightning storm, adding the muse to represent the inner spirit of this grand old tree. The timing for the shot to catch the sun was a late afternoon in spring. Not the Island’s busy season, but nevertheless its location near the main road to West Tisbury made it hard not to also create scene.

THE END of Scene Five